I’d like to hear more about why CD will work and what form of CD? I don’t think that’s a given in the current political environment. For starters, any form of CD on federal property will be pretty ruthlessly repressed in ways that could scare off participants and sap personal and movement resources (defending against criminal charges). Second, I think the public has grown jaded when it comes to seeing people on TV getting arrested. I think they treat it like(boring) theater and change the channel.

I’m not saying it couldn’t work and I’ve participated in lots of CD myself. But I do wonder if it’s as effective as it once was and, if so, in what form and with what numbers. And who’s the target? The fact that CD has achieved great things in the past doesn’t necessarily mean it will in the future.

I suggest going easier on Indivisible activists who are doing what they can for lack of any leadership showing them any other way and in the context of personal limitations like jobs and family responsibilities that limit the extent and type of activities they can engage in. They might be more receptive to your critique if it weren’t delivered in a scolding, know-it-all tone.

Writer, voting rights activist, mutual aid organizer. Author of Beyond Contempt: How Liberals Can Communicate Across the Great Divide (New Society 2019).

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